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With 20 plus years of nursing experience, including more than 9 years of immunoglobulin therapy via IV and SC, we provide infusion care to adults with various Chronic Immunodeficiency diseases and Autoimmune Disorders. Our comprehensive standards of practice require a registered nurse specifically trained in the administration of Ig be present to clinically monitor the patient throughout the entire duration of infusion. A highly experienced nurse will work closely with the referring physician and specialty pharmacy to develop an individualized care plan to ensure positive patient outcomes. The infusion nurse will also provide pharmacy and nursing support to patients, caregivers and providers along with detailed therapy-specific patient education. 

Our mission statement is to deliver compassionate and quality nursing services in the comfort of your home.

Melinda Salazar, RN

23 years of Nursing

San Antonio, Texas 78230



Monica Lozano, RN

21 years of Nursing

San Antonio, Texas 78230


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